Why I Do What I Do

When people ask me, why are you an artist? why do you make stuff? Here is my response…

I am an artist and a designer because I am forever in love with creativity and I would lose my sanity (what’s left of it) if I didn’t create. The other reason is because it’s my way of connecting with others on an aesthetic level and a soulful level.

I have always had this need to create and work with my hands. Ever since I was a little girl, creativity was my escape and my outlet when my mind got too full or when I was feeling too much and didn’t know how to handle it. From creating fictional worlds, characters and drawing my favourite Disney characters, to doing sneaky sketches of people on the train and poems from observing the hustle and bustle as I wandered around the city; the creative process always left me feeling calm and at peace. It was a way for me to be present in our busy world while keeping my calm mind… and this is still the case today. As someone who struggles to shut off their mind, there are very few ways for me to achieve this. Creativity allows me to unload what my mind is observing.

Putting my work out there as a way to connect to others is very important to me. I believe that as we grow in this world that is constantly in flux, we can find it hard to find and connect with people that are raw and authentic. I believe that now more than ever, in a world full of veils, fakes and big business, we are searching for authenticity, uniqueness and connection, and my art and designs are drawn from that authentic place and rawness.

If you’re a creative soul as well and would like to connect with me and share your story of why you do what you do, please leave a comment or email me at info@ajoyinart.com.

I hope your days are magical!