What The Untamed Life Means To Me

What The Untamed Life Means To Me

The untamed life is about having that carefree spirit of a Song Bird willing to  hear the songs of everyone – not just one who carries the same tune. It’s about painting your life in a way that’s authentically yours and also allowing yourself to be raw. Your rawness is so important in maintaining your sense of self. Being able to bare all and to strip yourself of labels to be your raw, beautiful, strong, messy self is liberating. This is something that I believe a lot of us strive for and it’s definitely a life I prefer living. This life keeps me from losing my spirit, even if there are days where I feel I may be losing my mind.

The untamed life allows my creativity to flow because I’m not walking the line one foot in front of the other, instead, I’m dancing on it. 

BIG THANK YOU to Tess from The Untamed Life for inviting me to write what this life means to me.





I Got Slapped In The Face

I Got Slapped In The Face

So this morning I got slapped in the face with the almighty Creative Brush!

Instead of sleeping in as it’s the weekend, I ended up waking up at 5:30am to draw, write, read, think. I am feeling all kinds of inspiration and ambition and I never really know where to begin when this happens. So this morning,  I started with a drawing about how I’m really feeling at this present moment (see feature image.. how can I sleep with that going on in my head?).

Sometimes we all need to be present with ourselves to let the creative juices flow whether its by scirbbling, doodling, writing, rambling, meditating or dancing. Any activitiy that allows you to be present within yourself gives you a chance to really feel, to heal, to learn, to reflect on your craft and find your creative stepping stones.

I wish you all a day filled with inspiration and creativity!

Inspiration creates change, magic and madness and I believe that’s where greatness will come from.

What’s In A Muse?

What’s In A Muse?

A Muse
What’s in a Muse?
Is it to inspire or admire
To love to hate
Or hate to love
Will it grow tired?

Is it a desire
Welcomed by the spirit
Controlled by the fire
And set alight by your passion
To send a message to the masses

It intoxicates the senses
Drops down your defences
And makes way for inventions
Painted magic with pure intentions

By Amy de Oliveira