3 Things That 2016 Taught Me

3 Things That 2016 Taught Me

1. We Are All Looking For Love


Now I’m not talking about love between a man and a woman… I’m talking about love in general. We are all looking for the feeling, to find our tribe and have people around us that LOVE us unconditionally. To find people that can see our mess, our bad habits, but still love us anyways. When we have that tribe, it’s like having our safety net. I see it as a space to breathe, to be imperfect while having the room and encouragement to better yourself without judgment, ‘likes’ or ‘reactions’. We don’t need that, we just need our loving tribe around us. When we don’t, we can become self-sabotaging and destructive. They say you can’t love others until you can love yourself, and one way we can love ourselves is choosing the right company, the right tribe and put energy into building those loving relationships that help us be our better selves. This world was not created to live it in alone.

2. Get Your Head Out Of The Screens

We need to lift our heads up and see what’s around us. Facebook will always be there; that newsfeed will always be regurgitating new updates, photos and articles for us to feast our eyes up… but the things that we won’t be able to rewatch or save for later will be the moments in front of us. For me, it’s talking to my 3 and a half-year-old, seeing his face light up, feeling his cuddles and watching him grow and create. These things are unique in their own way, they are pure and they deserve attention. Another moment for me is talking to my boyfriend at the end of the day when the kids are asleep, we both realized that at the end of the day, we were so tired we ended up escaping into screen world and not giving our relationship the time and energy it needs.

3. Treat Yourself

As parents, we are providers and protectors; society puts pressure on us to be the parent that juggles EVERYTHING without losing their shit. When we do this, it may work for a little while but after a while we start to crack; we lose ourselves, our health (physically, spiritually, mentally) and then we may end up cracking over the smallest of things because we can no longer see them as individual things and we end up seeing them as the big ball we need to balance on 1 leg on a tightrope. We NEED to treat ourselves; if this year has taught me anything, it’s to take time off. Do something that is just for you; whether it’s sitting down at a cafe and having a coffee (instead of rushing through with a takeaway), going to the gym for half an hour (I do this every day now as it helps my anxiety, my sleep, and peace of mind). Whatever it is, we need a time in our day and/or week where it is solely just for us. I realize now that I am much better for myself, my family and my work when I do this. It’s hard to do but if you have the support and encouragement from loved ones around you, it is possible.