Creativity Comes From Both Sides Of Our Brain

Creativity Comes From Both Sides Of Our Brain

Good Morning!

Today I wanted to talk about where I believe creativity comes from. It is no longer believed that creative people only use the right side of their brain. Over the last few decades, more research has gone into this dichotomy and it has shown us that to be creative, is to use all of our brain. This makes a lot of sense when I reflect on my own creative processors.

I recently read an article from Scientific American that discusses this exact topic. Ned Herrmann is an educator and consultant, and who has researched both brain functions and creativity. He came to the conclusion that creativity is a mental process that uses all of the brains specialised capabilities. Check out the article if you want, it’s a great read 🙂

So to put it simply, the right side of our brain is responsible for our curiosity, playfullness, metaphorical thinking (e.g ‘bun in the oven’, ‘time is money’), taking risks, artistry and experimenting. The right side welcomes and adapts to change and grabs opportunities as they appear. The left is side is more logical, analytical and fact based. It is the little speech bubble that pops up in my head when I have a crazy idea with my work that makes me stop, think and rationalise. (to be honest, it annoys me from time to time. Stop bursting my bubble!)

Even though I may not be friends with my left side from time to time, it does help me out because it also helps me plan, be organised and focus on the detail of my work. If I need to work out how much fabric I need or paint to buy, that side helps me do the math. When I am on the computer designing, both sides of my brain are working together like my little minions winding up the gears and punching in the numbers so I can use the software and create the art piece I desire.

It’s not enough to have passion, emotion and inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge part of the process, it’s the beautiful little seed in our soil. However, to execute the idea, we must use all the other parts of our brain.

What’s your creative process like?

Have a brainy day ❤

Amy x



Life Outside The Lines #3 

Life Outside The Lines #3 

Hey guys, 

Just a quick post of my latest illustration. I always cherish the little treasures that come our way and relaxing on the bed and playing with my little man is one of them. I just had to capture it ❤

10 Things Creative People Do Differently

10 Things Creative People Do Differently

Here are 10 things that I’ve noticed that us creative folks do different

  1. We question everything

We are constantly questioning and figuring out stuff. We are curious and that’s part of what drives us to create

  1. We see the world through the eyes of a child

We see the world around us as opportunities, wonder, what if’s and play. We have to grow up but we always keep that child inside us, alive.

  1. We get lost in the moment

When we are creating, when we are really in the moment; nothing else matters. We forget to sleep, eat, shower (gross I know). Everything else becomes obsolete and it’s just us and our work/

  1. We are daydreamers

Daydreaming isn’t a bad thing. I gives us time in the day for our imagination to play and the little characters in our head to come out and walk about.

  1. We have a love/hate relationship with our pieces

Some days we are in love with our creations and other times we hate them with a passion. The love/hate relationship drives us and pulls out ideas and colours.

  1. We stop, look and listen

We love people watching, sitting down listening to chatter, music and behaviours. We love to observe, finding the little details as those are the things that help our inspiration bloom

  1. We are easily distracted.

I am exactly like my father in the sense that we can be doing something and without a warning say “look at that! Wow!” we are always taking in everything around us that when something pops out, we have no filter or pathway that says “stop, wait, is this the right time or place to mention it?” and sometimes we don’t have to say anything but most of the time we just get too excited about it! The only time I see this as alarming is when I’m in the car with my dad whose driving and he says “look at that cloud it looks like a tiger!” while he is meant to be watching the road.

  1. We are highly sensitive

Most of us feel things deeply and passionately. We feel what others are feeling and are sensitive to energy and personalities around us. We need a creative outlet to unload it all and express it.

  1. We make use of our pain

I have used my pain and trauma to create. The setbacks, the pain and obstacles I have had to face have given me an insight which has lead to inspiration and that is one thing that we creatives use. Pain and trauma no longer control us but we use it to create something positive.

  1. We NEED space/time to create

The desire to create is an obsession and a need. We need it for our spirit and our mind and helps our emotional state. I know that if it’s been too long since I’ve created, I find myself getting frustrated easily, fidgety and just yuk to be around.

Life Outside The Lines #1

Life Outside The Lines #1

I’ve started a series called Life Outside The Lines where I illustrate a day in my life each day. It’s a visual diary sharing a moment in my day as a mum, artist, partner, woman and all round flawed human being.

I wanted to draw this moment because I love the fact that I’ve found someone I can just say the weird and disturbing stuff in my head and he just gets me. His response was “I don’t think it works like that” 

Find your tribe, find the souls that get you ❤


Ajoy Living




I Used To Want ‘Normal’

I Used To Want ‘Normal’

When you’re a teenager, what people have or don’t have, say, think and do matter way too much. I used to let it get to me and stupidly found myself wanting normal. I wanted normal days, no drama, no craziness, a normal family (yeah right), a normal body and mind. I was a very imaginative kid, I would rather sit and observe others than get involved all the time. I was seen as odd, quiet, weird, ‘the girl that stares’. I never meant to weird people out. I just always loved people watching, I loved getting lost in my own make-believe world and daydreaming. I loved changing the scene around me to something magical and strange. It didn’t help that I ran funny (thank you knocked knees).

I used to spend my days at schools thinking that everyone else had a normal life except me. The few friends I had all had their baggage and craziness. I remember mum saying ‘can you make normal friends’ She didn’t mean it as a bad thing, my mother grew up in an abusive home and always had to live in flight or fight mode so she desired normal and the ‘Brady Bunch’ type family. She wanted my brother and I to have normal friends and as less drama as we could have. It was hard to do when our family was and still is, a crazy dysfunctional bunch.

Later on, we both realized that what we were wanting was non existent. No one had normal, we just had LIVES. Our life was living with our mental illnesses, our mad house, our love for the unique and the unseen. Our life was the artistic life, the music life, the being-raised-by-a-single-mum life. My life was experiencing the pain, the love, the vulnerability and the beauty of being a 5 years old, a 10 year old and then a teenager.

Everyone is just trying to play this life game, crossing their fingers to roll a double and grab a win. No one has normality, we all choose which masks to wear that day that suits whatever we will be doing so we keep the game going as it “should be”

Normal is just an idea floating around our galaxy and it takes many forms. It’s what we desire when our life becomes topsy-turvy and it’s what we show the world when we need to be seen as a functional human being.

Anyway, this is my take on ‘The Normal’.

I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to share your thoughts on what you think normal is or if you ever wanted ‘a normal life’

I wish you the most abnormal day!


Ajoy Living


The Normal