Welcome To Of The Olive Tree

Create, Love, Inspire

Of The Olive Tree is my new baby. I have done a complete rebrand due to my own personal growth, goals and what I want to deliver and share with you. Of The Olive Tree is about 3 things:


Creating a life that fulfills you. Creating a space that brings you peace and happiness.


Loving yourself. Loving others. Learning to love the imperfections and to choose love in the face of hardship. Inviting love into your home, your mind and your soul.


Never stop learning. Stay curious. To always seek inspiration from the darkness and transform it to light. It;s about inspiring a life of creativity and light.

If this is what excites and connects with you, I would love to hear from you. Please follow my blog and check me out on FB, Instagram and twitter. Alternatively, you can email me at ajoyinart@gmail.com.

Love & Light

Amy xx