New Week – New Theme – Animal Kingdom – Art Giveaway!


This is a quick sketch to kick off this week’s new theme!!

If you check out my page on Facebook here or go to my Instagram @theolivetree13, you can keep updated on all my work and illustrations.

This week, if you want me to illustrate a particular animal then please leave a comment and I will pick 1 a day for 7 days and the ones I pick will receive the artwork for free 😀

Peace and Love




No Reason

No Reason

This is magic! Dancing words with a wonderful rhythm.

Gnarly Shanti

I write for no reason, a reason to write

Though writing is reason, not reason is right

Is writing to reason so brilliantly bright

If it’s ordered to please them?

A brightness of slight…

Lyrically twisting a meaning of mine

Is meaning resisting a twisting in time

To find a new line in this instance of time

Is twisted and misted for you to call mine.

To struggle for something to say is a silly succession of thoughts and that comes from the brain.

To be smart is not art and that comes from the heart:

This brightness is more like a game of empirical play with the literal frame that’s mundane and so horribly tame when not played in a way –

Satirical, lyrical, verging on fictional

Turning things on to their heads without visual stimulus, mirror us, words are the play

Reflection won’t mention what you had to…

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Sunday Funday With A Side Of Chill

Sunday Funday With A Side Of Chill

Happy Sunday Peeps!
Today has been what I would call, Sunday Funday With A Side Of Chill. My son had a birthday party to go to in the morning and luckily we could walk to the party through the beautiful Kedron Brook 🌳🌷🌞so we had a bit of an adventure walking along the water and the creeks and then spent the morning until midday at the party with lots of playing, lollies and giggles. It was refreshing for me to meet other mums and more of my son’s friends. 💝🍭🍰🍓
On the way home, my son happily walked along eating his lollies and just as we both started to feel worn out we arrived home and then spent most of the day lying about watching movies. I don’t usually feel lethargic and sleepy during the day, but today I was so exhausted I could have napped if I allowed myself to. This never happens (my partner can attest to this) I always have too much energy and too much going on in my head to settle haha.
It’s now 5:30 pm, my man is cooking dinner and my boy is chilling out, so now it’s hustle time  I have 2 more illustrations to do for my food week and then tomorrow I will start my new theme! 

Time to write, time to illustrate 😊
I hope you guys had a wonderful Sunday,