Encouraging Positivity

Encouraging Positivity

This is a bit of rant so apologies if it sounds a bit all over the shop. It’s just something that I feel compelled to write about today.

Life can feel light as a feather or as heavy as a boulder. It can change in an instant or it can feel like a song on repeat. We can’t control how this game unfolds and our roles we play can vary and transform. There are a lot of things that are out of our control but we can always control how we think about them. Please don’t confuse this with how we feel about them; feelings are something that happens without logical thought, it’s an emotion and we can’t choose our emotions but we can choose how we think about a situation.

I often get told that I’m a positive person and I’m always happy. This is nice to hear and on one hand, it is true. I am generally a positive person but I’m not always happy, I just choose to show more of my happy self then my other emotions like stress, pain, discomfort or sadness. It’s not possible to always be happy, and if you are always happy, how can you tell if you never experienced pain? You need both to distinguish the light from the dark and to understand it.

I believe we should encourage each other to be positive, to choose positivity and instead of choosing to just be happy regardless of what is happening. The more we say to others “oh just choose happiness” “if you want to be happy, then just be” it can sound like those other emotions aren’t important or if you can’t choose to be happy right now, that there must be something wrong with you. It doesn’t validate that person who may be struggling with depression or who may have gone through trauma. We must be careful with how we say to others to just be happy when we don’t know what is happening in their world.

Choosing to be positive is about allowing yourself to feel sadness or pain and giving those emotions time to just be without it affecting your mind in a negative way which in turn could mean destructive behaviours and poor choices. You can feel sad, and use logical thinking to look at the situation and try your best to make the most out of it and see what you can learn from it. It’s about seeking out the good, the light in a situation or person. Choosing to be positive is allowing your heart to feel and your mind to help you decide on how to move forward or how to be present in a way that’s helpful to your mind, body and spirit.

We often confuse positivity with happiness. Happiness is an emotion that we are born with and positivity is a learned behaviour, a mindset that takes practice and mindfulness to achieve. Learning to think positively, can bring more happiness to your world but happiness can’t always bring positivity to your world. This is because happy feelings can come from things that are fleeting, one-offs or from destructive behaviours that can ultimately leave you feeling negative and will not create a positive state of mind.

So let’s encourage each other to practice positivity. To learn how to see the light in any dark scenario that the world can throw at us because ultimately, shit happens. So if we can practise positive thinking in that moment, we will be armed with the best possible tools for getting through it in a more enlightened way that our mind, body and spirit will be happy with long term 😀

Peace & Love


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It’s All About FOOD: Day 2: Pancakes




I have fond memories of my mum deciding to make pancakes late at night just because we felt like it. She taught me that it’s pancake time all the time.


It’s All About FOOD: Day 1 – Eggs Benny

Hey Guys!

So I am now having weekly themes for my blogs and my illustrations. This week is all about FOOD.

I started on Monday and here is my day 1 of illustrations


eggs bennyRGB


Eggs Benedict is definitely one of my favourite breakfast dishes to order, combined that with a Caramel Latte and I’m in my happy place ❤


The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree

So I wanted to write about my new venture called The Olive Tree – Create, Love, Inspire.

The Olive Tree will include my blog where I will write about parenting, creativity, personal inspirations, and my poetry. I will also be launching my Etsy shop where you will be able to purchase handmade milestone cards, post cards, art prints for the home, illustrated recipes for children and lastly it will include illustration services.

The Olive Tree came to me as a way to bridge my creative self with my values and my life as a mum, a partner and as a flawed individual.

For as long as I can remember, my art was my way of escaping and exploring. In my younger years, my art was my bubble of make-believe worlds to help me deal with the real world and to calm the chatter in my head. As I grew into womanhood, my art’s purpose became about collaborating with other artists and exploring my practice but there was a part that continued to use it as a tool in creating a space to run to when I needed the quiet or when I didn’t want to face reality. My art has and will always be an obsession but now my purpose for creating has changed.

For a while now, I haven’t felt that need to escape and to keep the two parts of me (art life and mum life) separate. My art’s purpose has changed as I have changed and grown in this life.

The Olive Tree is about bridging that gap between my art life, family life and self-growth. It’s also about promoting a more positive, creative and loving life. We need that in these times and we need to align ourselves with our values again and this is what I want The Olive Tree to reflect.

In the coming month, you will see snippets of my new designs and products which will go up on my Etsy Shop in a months’ time and you will also hear more about my story and more detail about what The Olive Tree will entail. I will also be revealing my new logo and will aim to do some video posts (yikes! Scary!). Lastly, I will be doing a free giveaway of my new work.

I am very excited to be launching The Olive Tree and am very grateful for the support and encouraged that has been given ne to start this.